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R.I.P. [16 Mar 2006|01:13pm]

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Hello, hello, hello [09 Nov 2005|12:02am]

[ mood | comfortably numb ]

Is there anybody out there?

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I just want to bang on my drums all day [20 Jun 2005|11:38am]

*Tap tap*

Is this thing on?
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[06 Mar 2005|07:38pm]

[ mood | matte ]

estherinisrael: he died from a lip piercing
f UZZ ie721: how scene of him
estherinisrael: he died of urban outfitters
estherinisrael: no wait, thats how i died

my party is this saturday night, kids. it's going to be way uptown (harlem-ish) at like, nine-thirty. my birthday is this tuesday. my hebrew birthday is the following tuesday. remember it well.

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i know i don't make any sense, please don't mind me [01 Mar 2005|07:34pm]

[ mood | crazy ]

The only good thing about getting into the same situations over and over again, is that you kind of know where not to make the wrong turns.
Though generally, you make them anyway.
Afterall, if you're getting yourself into a really, really similar situation as one that was so messed up you're still kind of broken from it, you probably don't really learn from your mistakes.

I'm just saying.

Whatever, just look at the pictures:

okay, see this one, it's from June:

this one is from a few weeks ago:

I look the same, I'm even wearing the same shirt. But I'm like, a totally different person.

(I think this post is mostly for Rachel, so I hope you like it).

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[11 Feb 2005|01:09pm]

[ mood | drained ]

In the end, it's amazing how little things really matter. (Meaning that things don't matter, not that small things matter a lot.)

(I mean that in a good way. I think.)

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sometimes it hurts [07 Feb 2005|12:43pm]

[ mood | cynical ]

If something doesn't change soon, I think I'm going to explode. All of my classes are pointless and nothing seems to matter and I feel broken.

I guess there's no where to go but up.

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this is unlike the books [04 Feb 2005|09:26am]

[ mood | a bit lovely ]

i just found the final fantasy and decemberists joanna newsom covers.
and i'm eating a really crunchy apple.

and in case youre suddenly jealous that i'm having a truly perfect moment, don't be; i'm having a really bad hair day. sure, its nice and soft but it's just looking. very volumonous.

peeeach plum pear.

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harp [02 Feb 2005|11:54am]

i think i saw fred durst at whole foods.

aaand i have a name for my new band.

(that's soll-arz)
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Shamless Promotion [06 Jan 2005|10:27pm]

I've started a music blog. I only really have a review for The Beta Band up, but there's more to come.

Drums & Wires
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i can only TRY not to sound desperate. [26 Dec 2004|05:54pm]

[ mood | clearly desperate! ]

brooklyn is having a strange effect on me.
currently i am feel like, if someone were to call me up and say, esther, let's do *this* or something, i would be eternally grateful.
i really would.

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[23 Dec 2004|06:28pm]

[ mood | okay ]

Since no one has posted here in a while, I'm going to do this lame 2004 wrap up. Because it's easy.

here you goCollapse )

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wake up everybody [06 Dec 2004|03:10pm]

[ mood | cold ]

It is so completely typical that when you really, really want something it's not there, and by the time it is you don't really want it anymore.

(I'm just talking about a cigarette.)

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here i am before the manson concert [23 Nov 2004|08:20pm]

[ mood | peaceful ]

and a close up...

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hot is... [14 Nov 2004|11:53pm]

[ mood | nostalgic ]

...Howie Day doing an Eminem tease during Everything Else.

(Meanwhile he never plays that anymore).

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Personally, I find this outrageous [11 Nov 2004|11:01pm]


A K'nish : Beef held together by a dough crust.
A Reeses Peanut Butter Cup : Peanut Butter held together by a chocolate crust.

A Reeses is a lame junk food rip-off of a K'nish. The filling of both have lots of protien, and the crust of both is an energy booster, but otherwise junk.

Now, this is not a trend seen elsewhere. For example, the M+M is junked wrapped by other junk. Raisinettes wrap raisins with junk, but raisins do not have a high protien content. This is more important than Arafat. I'm calling FOX.
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[10 Nov 2004|05:39pm]

i miss it.
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[09 Nov 2004|01:44am]

[ mood | hopeless ]

Hello Ok_Cardigan inhabitants:

It's been a while. So let's recap:
This semester is more than half over. It's been pretty bleh, lots of ups and downs. I do wish that certain things could be more black and white, but life is full of gray areas, or so it seems.

I'm going to see Marilyn Manson next week (did that just come from my very own fingers??)

I want to apologize for saying the same stupid things over and over (sorry, Eli and Rachel- you guys are awesome).

I probably drink too much, or at least for the wrong reasons. I really have to stop picking up new addictions in order to ease old ones.

I have been craving french fries for like, weeks. So if you want to send some my way that would be awesome. Oh, also? An avocado.

Yes. That's exactly what I want.

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[08 Nov 2004|09:13pm]

so like, it says 'Large Dried Apricots,' but i think what they mean is 'Large Apricots; Dried'.
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[05 Nov 2004|01:58pm]

Remember folks : 'Tis better to be the dung, than a dung beetle'.

Anyone have anything substantial to say?
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