James Knox Polk, Renegade Folk Hero (enderwiggins) wrote in ok_cardigan,
James Knox Polk, Renegade Folk Hero

Personally, I find this outrageous


A K'nish : Beef held together by a dough crust.
A Reeses Peanut Butter Cup : Peanut Butter held together by a chocolate crust.

A Reeses is a lame junk food rip-off of a K'nish. The filling of both have lots of protien, and the crust of both is an energy booster, but otherwise junk.

Now, this is not a trend seen elsewhere. For example, the M+M is junked wrapped by other junk. Raisinettes wrap raisins with junk, but raisins do not have a high protien content. This is more important than Arafat. I'm calling FOX.
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